Latest from Co-Chairman (Written October 2017)

First Daphne Moss Evening

Hi, I hope you have received the latest newsletter. Our next meeting, will be dedicated to the memory of Daphne Moss, a stalwart member of Croydon Writers, who passed away in 1996. Although she wrote mainly in non-fiction, she worked in other genres as well.  We have, with the support of her husband, Sidney, a competition based on non fiction articles. 

Assume you have a column in a newspaper, magazine or similar.  You can write an article/piece of 300 up to 1000 words. Any subject.  Sidney has donated 4 prizes of £50 each for the 4 articles/pieces considered the best as judged by the members, country members and guests present at the meeting.

So, please, let's have as many entries as we can.  All will be read out.  I have promised Sidney a copy of each one - he thinks this is a great idea.  He is not well enough to come to the meeting, but looks forward to reading the articles. However,  Daphne's brother,Anthony Davidson is coming to the meeting and is looking forward to it. He will give us a short talk about Daphne. He was in the Literary/Publishing business for his career .

So please, please, let's have a good lot of entries, from Members and Country Members.You can forward them to me here, or post them to me.  Time is short so I really need them by the 7th November.  So far I have only 4 which will not give Anthony a good impression of our group. He's coming all the way from East Finchley so we need to make an impression for both him and Sidney to the memory of Daphne!Introductory Message from Mike Jackson, Chairman 2017:

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