Special Note for the meeting on Monday 12th February.

We will be looking at the crafting of short stories, shorts, flash fiction. It would be very useful if all members could read, or re-read the following short stories:

The Three Fat Women of Antibes                      W.Somerset Maugham

The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber  Ernest Hemingway

Both short stories can be accessed on the internet, or downloaded to Kindle. There are numerous links. 

A pdf for Macomber is:

A link for Antibes is (you have an entire book to scroll through but the quality is WYSIWYG:

And here is a treat on this link where the old man himself reads the story, click on the picture:

Critique Group

At the meeting on the 11th March the membership was addressed by Chris Fielden who spoke of a group of writers that he belongs to which meet from time to time to critique each other's work. They are all short story enthusiasts seeking prizes in competitions and other outlets. He said that the critique across the group was very effective in improving the chances of success. It has been suggested we should carry out an experimental replication.Michael offered to work up a scheme. This was to have started in August, but see note at top.

The guideline will be something along the lines that the group be limited in principle to 8, that the group meet at a venue provided by Michael, that well in advance each member send an elecronic file of their short story, so that each member can critique. All critiques to go to all members of the group. The meeting will be a general discussion on the results. The meeting will also compare notes on the available competitions. Because of the seriousness of the work involved a bi-monthly meeting is envisaged. Members interested should contact Michael by email to discuss their joining in advance.

Croydon Writers