Agenda of Meeting to be held Monday 11 June at 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm 

at The United Reformed Church, East Croydon

Part I (07.30 pm please)

1. Reports : 

Chairman's Report
1.1 Any other Officers or General Reports
1.2 Critique Group Report
1.3 Any successes by members of the group; or writing events people wish to inform the group about.

Members on-going Projects (All members present can expect to speak.

PART II (08.00 pm)
3. Internal competition for Short Stories; prizes for first three - texts to be sent to the Chair by attachment or to the Co-Chair by post. Members are encouraged to go entirely web-based. Mike and Michael will combine to create booklet for the evening. Length 1,500 words topic is completely open, but must be fiction. Voting on the evening.

Special Note:
If members could send in stories as soon as possible this would help so that at least those on line can see the pieces in advance. It takes 15 minutes to read a 1,500 word story and reading all out may not be practical.

4. Any other urgent business.

NEXT MEETING: Information to be given

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