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Diary and Events 2018

Each meeting unless otherwise noted is on the second Monday of each month starting at 7.15 for 7.30 pm


Brief Business Matters;
Each Member Reports on personal projects and writings. All members present can expect to speak. In addition we may spend some time on illustrations surrounding some technical writing point, style point - characterisation for example.


MAY 14         BBM:MOP; MB: Jon leads a writing session, details to follow 

MAY 23   Critique Group at Chair's House 7.30 pm. See Critique Page for attendance details.

MAY 24  Committee Meeting -  SPREAD EAGLE PUB time to be announced. Probably


June 11   BBM; MOP; MB: Internal competition for Short Stories; prizes for first three - texts to be sent to Michael by attachment or to the Chair by post. Members are encouraged to go entirely web-based. Mike and Michael will combine to create booklet for the evening. Length 1,500 words topic is completely open, but must be fiction.

      July 9      BBM; MOP; MB: Visiting Speaker***

Aug:       Literary Event - details to be announced - evening meal at the Boulevard  Restaurant Croydon, or an alternative.

Sept 10  BBM; MOP; MB: Leslie Hook Poetry Competition (entries by post - preferably email to Michael who will produce a booklet) Members present will vote - cup to be awarded)

Oct 8:       BBM; MOP; MB: Visiting Speaker: To be Announced***

Nov 12      BBM; MOP; MB): Daphne Moss Evening - Non-fiction

Dec 10    BBM; MOP; MB: Christmas Party

Jan 2019:    A Literary Dinner at a venue to be announced.

*** The three sessions allocated to visiting speaks may change according to availability or other projects arising.

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