CROYDON WRITERS Entering Material for the Anthology 2017

The Anthology 2018

The Anthology will be published by Rainbow Valley Books ( Publishing costs will be carried by Rainbow Valley Books.  The intended price will be £15 per copy, discounted to £10 for members, including postage and packing. If bought at a meeting the price will be £8. There is no contribution fee for those submitting material.

Copyright remains that of each individual published and may be republished or revised for later publication by them, but may not be republished by Rainbow Valley Books.

The Anthology will have an ISBN, be placed on Amazon and published on Kindle, we hope local bookshops will also stock the book.

Submissions can be made now, maximum 8,000 words, any style or genre, but must be by 'electronic' attachment to an email, sent to 

Head your email as SUBMISSION. Multiple submissions may be made, up to three items.

Selection of Material

As with the previous Anthology ALL members may send in material to the editor. In principle we believe the members are of such experience and potential that anything submitted will be published. However there will be an editorial process whereby the editor/publisher, who has the ultimate responsibility for the quality and efficacy of what is published, will have final say. Thus items may be returned for revision - a not unusual publishing procedure. 

The process consists of the manuscript being offered as a WORD document on line and is then reformatted to fit the final publication. The reformatted piece is then sent back to the writer with editorial comments and advice if necessary and the author then makes alterations or there is an agreement between the author and editor for changes. About 80% of submissions last time were ultimately unchanged, about 5% were withdrawn and 15% were revised. There were no rejections.


Some pieces emerge during meetings: an extract of on-going work; a chapter, or a selection. Winners and runners up of all competitions will go in as of right; other items will be offered by members, both FULL and COUNTRY.

Each author will have a section introduced by a hundred word biography of the member with a brief description of the piece. A monochrome illustration will also be part of the 'introduction' which may be selected by the author or the editor. It is possible to use illustrations within the manuscript, particularly if the submission is a work of non-fiction. Several pieces may be submitted by members, as a flexible guideline three pieces is the usual maximum for each member. (Note 'flexible' there.)

In short, almost anything goes. Which makes the process great fun. Members find themselves officially 'published', some for the first time. The Anthology makes a brilliant Christmas Present. Publication is targeted for mid-November 2017.

Croydon Writers