CROYDON WRITERS Report on Most Recent Meetings 2017

Report on the the Most Recent

Meeting of Croydon Writers 

December 11

The Christmas Meeting

Due to inclement weather attendance was low at 10. However the meeting was 'spirited'. An array of food was brought in and Ethel provided an 'everyone's a winner' raffle. Members read elements of work in progress and a lively discussion emerged from the inspiration of Jon who provided a series of 'tips for writers' from a range of well known authors. We gathered the impression that many of the tips were not followed by those giving the tips. Michael read the opening to what he hopes will be a long short story and considerable mirth was generated as it emerged that he appears to be in the process of disregarding every tip in the several books of tips touched on. The evening closed with a quizz created by Mike Jackson which came in for challenges as to veracity of the answers, the bulk of which he safely over-ruled as chair. A delightful evening.

Take a look at Anand's blog.



ARCHIVE of REPORTS (Latest first)

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Committee met

Reports on Finances, Anthology, the Daphne Moss competition results approved, extra prize authorised, plans for coming year approved (see Diary and Events Page) (MOST RECENT)

October Meeting: Monday 9 October 2017

The Chair Reports:

As happens when we have a guest speaker, the meeting was well attended. Our speaker was Jane Porter, a professional writer and illustrator. She told us of how she became an illustrator for others books, and then moverd into writing her own books, which have sold well. She said that often her inspiration came from the childrens’ meetings she runs. One comment I will remember is that these illustrated books should be kept to 16 pages.

We all thanked her, some of us purchased books, and we agreed she had given us inspiration on the subject.

I am certain we can each learn from her talk, to help us to become published, should we wish it.

The Committee met on 25th May at the Spread Eagle pub

and discussed the programme, finances (strong), the establishment of an enhanced social media presence and a new competition for non-fiction writing - details at the next meeting.

Monday 11th September 2017 (MOST RECENT)

After the Chair dealt briefly with administrative matters the group reported on their individual projects. This took 45 minutes since members are busy and discussion and advice was exchanged. New Full Member Jo Bodley was made most welcome.

The rest of the evening was devoted to hearing a range of poems for the Leslie Hook Cup which was won by Michael and is published on the new Member's Piece Page. Michael says he will be revising this version before inclusion in the Anthology

After the competition further discussion took place with members able to offer requests to the Committee at its meeting later in the week. The Chair broached the idea of a National Competition which will be discussed further.Report on the Meeting of Croydon Writers

Monday 9th July 2017

The evening, after business matters and reports were taken care of under the leadership of Mike Jackson, our chair, our visiting speaker Daniel Ross addressed the group on a publishing project he is engaged with in order to publish his first novel. This is an exciting approach to publishing through 'Unbound'. Detail of their site can be found at:  and Daniel's own book's progress can be followed at

After an interesting session with searching questions the group then reported back on individual project and several example reading were given. It was also decided that we should have a dinner get together at the Boulevard Restaurant in August, and hold the first Critique Group also in August

There is no formal meeting in August. The two items will be co-ordinated by Michael Round over the next week or so, on line.

Monday Monday 12 June 2017

The evening, after business matters and reports were taken care of under the leadership of Mike Jackson, our chair, the short story competition was run.

Nikki's short story was the clear winner of the six stories read aloud, In the future it was felt that there should be a print-off of all entires.

Monday 8th May 2017

Brief business matters were led by the Chair, the group then spoke of their work in progress.

Then Anand Nair one of our group spoke of her own writing developments and then answered questions. A lively and rewarded discussion then too place. 

Monday 11th April 2017

After the Chair dealt briefly with administrative matters the group was addressed by Chris Fielden. (Considerable detail regarding his activities, the competitions he organises and his body of work can be found on his extensive site:

Chris spoke for an hour and half and gave splendid insights into his own career as a writer and publisher. The members found his talk and the ensuing discussions both informative and inspirational. His advice that members should encourage each other with cross referencing critiques, with special mention of the importance of listening to critique be it agreeable or not because the views of people are important. It is other people who ultimately view our work.

Full details of his notes will be sent through the post to all members at the next Chairman's Mailing.

This event was extremely useful and the group was obliged to Chris for driving to and from Bristol to talk to us.

More power to your elbow Chis.

Report on the Meeting of Croydon Writers

Monday 13th March 2017 

This event was the AGM for 2017 to 2018 (This report does not constitute the formal Minutes of the meeting)

Reports were received from the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

The Chair stated that all members of the Committee were content to stand for another year. They were duly elected with Jon Last being additionally appointed to the Committee (See Committee Page). The Chairman indicated this would be his last year in the chair.

A spirited discussion took place over the nature of editorship of the Anthology. Indeed the various impromptu mini debates during the evening made the AGM unusually alive and left little time for individual members to report on their work. However, what began as a meeting facing jeopardy -  the room had been twice booked so we ended up in the main body of the church itself due to the kindness of the custodian - ended as a successful view of the year's progress and a looking forward to future events, including open competitions. See the rest of the site for further information.

Report on the Meeting of Croydon Writers

Monday 13th February 2017

The group (11 present with one apology) was addressed by the Chair on a range of administrative matters and the Treasurer collected Annual Fee from members present. There are three new Country Members including one at present in Turkey.

Michael Round then took over the slot and reported that the number of entries for the Anthology to be published in November has risen dramatically with some very good material. 

The group was invited to report on their work in progress which was substantial with four members working on full books, one concerning the history of Irish nurses in the UK since Florence Nightingale, another working on a semi fictional account of growing up in an African village, a similar book is being worked on concerning cross cultural experiences between an Islamic Family from Pakistan and the impact of living in the west. Another member is working on a couple of novels in the thriller/conspiracy mode, and yet another is tacking a book based on feral children in Athens during the war.

The group then went on to discuss the use of mood, echo and 'punch line' in stories, even keeping an eye on the paragraph as a sub story itself; even as a brick in a wall also has its own beginning and purpose, the individual brick being part of the whole wall. We also looked at dialogue as a means of carrying a story forward.

Report on COMMITTEE Meeting of Croydon Writers

Wednesday 18th January 2017

The Committee met at a table in the Spread Eagle Pub Croydon. These are not minutes of the meeting but just an overview for members early information. The schedule for the year was drafted and may be seen here. Discussion regarding visiting speakers took place and we have a number of interesting people we hope to engage. These events may be different from the schedule to take account of their availability. Members will be informed accordingly. A proposition for competitions outside of the activities of Croydon Writers will be prepared, initially we will offer something to Croydon Schools as a trial run, with a money prize which could bring tears to the eyes of the winner and runner up. The new application form, and the new site were appraised and found not too wanting. Corrections have been made. 

Next Committee Meeting will be at 15.00 Wednesday 11th. If you have items you want brought to the Committee's attention text to Secretary please.

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