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The Newsletter

The July Newsletter was increased in size from 16 pages to 20. Each publication, free to members, has a run of 100 or more copies according to demand and features extracts of members' work, and specially written items for the publication based on the theme: 


We have all loved. We have all been loved. Perhaps at times we have yearned for love. Love touches the human condition. A topic like this could cause our members to fly. Perhaps a bad experience could be the core, or looking back to a first love, or being someoneelse's first love. Start writing.

for submissions is 30th June 2018.
Our email inbox is waiting for your entries.

Submit material to:

We are looking for essays/articles/fictional treatments of about 250-600 words or poems - 30-50 lines. We also like to include book reviews.

All entries for future newsletters by email or attachment to an email, in WORD to our Newsletter Editor: Roopa Banerjee

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New Project Being Planned

The Committee and the Standing Study Group are looking into the idea of a half yearly 'super newsletter' possibly with an ISBN and possibly on sale to the public. We are looking into a publication of around 100 pages. More limited in scope than our major Anthologies, but more ambitious than the current Newsletter. The publication to be written to a theme but to include fiction and nonfiction, poetry and extracts. Some illustrations may be included. The publication is intended for publication on Kindle and similar outlets.

The objective is to increase the level of publication of members. Members of the public may be invited to submit material.

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