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The Newsletter

Each publication, free to members, has a run of 100 or more copies according to demand and features extracts of members' work, and specially written items for the publication based on a theme -  for example the next publication has the theme 

The theme for the April 2018 newsletter is:



We come across people who influence our thoughts or our way of life or the way we write. Tell us about the person of influence in your life... be it a philosopher or a leader or a writer - a friend, a companion, family member. It could be about a person who helped you take life to a lighter vein or a person who helped you focus on your goals in life. We are looking for essays/articles/fictional treatments of about 250 words or poems.


for submissions is 30th March 2018.

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Following a suggest at the AGM - the April newsletter will announce the themes for our forthcoming July 2018, October 2018 and Christmas 2018 newsletters. This should give more time to plan their writing.

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Writing Novels

Curiously the bulk of the members who have been published have done so through 'the novel'. Recently those of us who are currently working on longer pieces have been sharing their work with other members, and it is hoped that the group as a whole will become more skilled in this process. Five members have published a full book by various means. One of the important aspects of novel writing is seen as 'getting an agent'. We hope, during the course of the year to have an agent visit us to give us a better idea of what is involved. Watch this space too!

Short Story Writing

Would be writers make an error if they think that writing short stories is easy compared with 'writing a book', though it is famously said that everyone has a book in them somewhere. Sure, by definition, there are less words in a short story, which also suggests not a word should be wasted.

The writer and publisher Chris Fielden gave a talk at the April Meeting which cover ed aspects of writing short stories and preparing for publication and competitions. He gave insights into his own national competition and has a key book of his own in publication on short story writing, also available on Kindle.

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