Croydon Writers hold several competitions during our annual cycle

They included poetry (we have a cup for that), short stories, extracts and speed writing. Some take place at the moment. Others are brought along to meetings. We plan shortly a more open competitions with a larger cash prize. Details later in the year on a dedicated page. Following the Committee Meeting on the 18th it was decided to  prepare a proposal for an initial competition for a short story offered to Croydon Schools as a pilot.

Internal Competitions 

(Non fiction, Poetry and Short Story)  (Members only)

Internal competition for Short Stories
Prizes for first three - texts to be sent to Michael by attachment or to the Co-Chair by post - DEADLINE 4 April 2019 .
Members are encouraged to go entirely web-based. Mike and Michael will combine to create a booklet for the evening. Up to length 1,500 +- 50 words - topic is completely open.

Daphne Moss non fiction Evening.

(Competition Closed. Results here )


This next link is a very useful site - all members should take a look; there is a good competition opportunity too:

Croydon Writers