We are experimenting with an additional Critique Group 

Susan O'Neal is hosting and leading the group and reports on the first event.
(Most Recent Event HERE)

(This group does not replace the 'General Critique Group 1' at present, 

which will continue to meet on demand.)


Seven members of Croydon Writers met on 24 July 2019 to agree how future 'critique circle2' meetings will work. 

It was agreed that we did not need separate meetings for novel feedback, (as opposed to shorter pieces or poetry,) we will include all types of writing being prepared for competitions and/or publication. 

All participants wanted the same thing: the considered response of readers to work in progress. In order to obtain this, it was agreed two different people would submit a piece of work in advance of each meeting, clearly outlining the required focus for feedback, (character, structure, setting etc.) A rota will be prepared to support this.

We will trial using the first 30 minutes of each meeting to discuss a technical aspect of writing (now termed 'Writerly Discussion') such as how to make characters realistic or how to produce a succinct synopsis etc. The balance of the meeting will consist of a detailed discussion on each of the two submissions, commenting on what worked well and what might need further work. Work submitted should be in the later stages of development, rather than a first draft.

Attendees are invited to bring published examples of the topics under writerly discussion, as well as sharing information on publishing opportunities and competitions to benefit the group.


If you would like to join us or want more information 

about this critique circle, 

please email Susan at


Croydon Writers