Critique Circle: Meeting 25 September 2019  (Group Details go to HERE)

6 members present, 1 apology 

Writerly Discussion

We debated the ‘elevator pitch’ tool, used in a number of ways: as a quick introduction to others to share what a novel is about, as a calling card/opening paragraph in a covering letter to agents/publishers, useful focus for the writer to stay on track, and we looked at a few examples/advisory notes. 

Feedback on Work

Anand had circulated her work entitled ‘Nigeria’- which we agreed was a lyrical piece of writing with many fabulous images. Nikki and Peter led the feedback session, covering at her request:

flow and structure, quality of prose, consistency of ‘voice’ and general interest.

There followed a very lively debate on a number of points, including use of the internal dialogue (particularly views expressed by the memoir subject ‘at the time’ or ‘now’), strategies to enhance setting and accuracy of historical events mentioned and whether or not more personal stories, descriptions and/or dialogue would entice readers generally.

Anand made many notes and we look forward to the next iteration of this work!

All present agreed the evening had been useful on a number of levels and that the format for feedback worked well (although it takes considerable discipline not to react to points as they arrive - well done Anand!) 

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 30 October at 7.30.

(Though this group is open to all members of Croydon Writers, those wishing to join should contact Susan to be sure it is the right sub-group to inform their current writing)  CONTACT SUSAN

The 'Writerly Discussion 'will be led by Nikki who will organise a number of prompts to distribute at the meeting, after which we’ll use these to write furiously for 10-15 minutes and then discuss the results. (Inspired by Nanowrimo 

Michael and Stella will circulate work by 23 October, indicating the areas on which they would like reviewers to focus. Anand and Susan to lead the feedback (although all are welcome to participate as the discussion unfolds.)


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