We have critique group available.

The first is the General Critique Circle  
An ad hoc Group which meets according to demand of material sent in.
looking at work in early draft stage
up to something close to last draft.

Meanwhile members may still wish to look at the following two classic short stories.

The Short Happy Life of Frances Macomber (Hemingway)


Three Fat Women of Antibes (Maughm)

A pdf for Macomber is:

A link for Antibes is (you have an entire book to scroll through but the quality is WYSIWYG:

And here is a treat. On this link where the old man himself reads the story, click on the picture. The first few minutes is music and a listing of his work. You can move the scroll bar to skip. Double clicking on the picture should enlarge it so that you can read the story as you listen:

Typical General Critique Meeting
- Report on March Meeting -
to show approach

Croydon Writers

Critique Meeting: 27 March 2019


There were 11 pieces submitted for review, which had been circulated by email to the membership of the whole group in advance. Six writers gathered at the evening meeting, which was a good ratio, and we worked through the pieces one by one, with contributing feedback from everyone, including notes sent in by non-attending members. Later all who submitted and were not there received a written critique.

Croydon Writers