Writer of the Month Challenge


All members, both FULL and COUNTRY are invited to submit a piece of new writing, a short story, an article, a poem or an extract from a larger work. They will be compiled into the usual on line booklet sent to all members and at the next meeting those attending will 'vote' their favoured piece. The author will be declared WRITER OF THE MONTH and receive a Croydon Writers HB PENCIL!

COUNTRY members may also register a vote for their 'favoured' direct to Michael on line. 

The pieces may be used for entry or developed for use in other internal and external competitions and will be later published in the 2020 ISBN level Anthology, if the author wishes.

As part of each General Meeting, fifteen or so minutes will be spent discussing the entries, and those present will choose their favoured piece, the on line and live votes will be collated and the Writer of the Month declared and be awarded a brand new HB pencil.

The  February for March meeting's topic key word is 'DAWN'.

Up to 1000 words absolute maximum, DAWN as a word does not HAVE to be used.  

Deadline is midnight SATURDAY 29th February.

Standard layout should be font Times New Roman, point 12, by preference, a collation will be sent to members on Sunday 1st March.

The January for February meeting's topic key word was 'MILK' or 'ENVY'
and Maggie Leask with her  Release Me  was adjudged February's Writer of the Month


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