Croydon Writers hold several competitions during our annual cycle

They included poetry (we have a cup for that), short stories, extracts and speed writing. Some take place at the moment. Others are brought along to meetings. We plan shortly a more open competitions with a larger cash prize. Details later in the year on a dedicated page. Following the Committee Meeting on the 18th it was decided to  prepare a proposal for an initial competition for a short story offered to Croydon Schools as a pilot.

Internal Competitions 

(Non fiction, Poetry and Short Story)  (Members only)

Daphne Moss non fiction Evening.

(Competition Closed. Results here )


A Poem of up to 50 lines in any style:

Prize: The winner this year was Michael Round, his entry can be found on the Member's Page  He will be awarded the Leslie Hook cup to be held for one year. The winner and runner up will both be published in the new Anthology.

1000 Word Short Story Competition (Morning Has Broken)


WINNER: Nikki Aduba

(No runner up since only other entry of 5 voted for was disqualified on length.)



Short Story Competition for senior students in Croydon District Schools.


Ashley Rondeaux and Angel Hawke from the Meridian School, Addington were the winner (Ashley - £100) and runner up (Angel - £50).


At the September meeting the Chair introduced the concept of a national competition. This was discussed and the Committee were asked to consider the proposal further. At the Committee Meeting on 20th Sept it was decided in principle to have such competition with a first prize of £200, a second prize of £75 and a runner up prize of £25. It was thought at short stories of up to 2,000 words would be the right length. Details would be ironed out before Christmas.  Means of advertising to be investigated. 

External Competitions (Not Croydon Writers)

(Open to the public - there may be an entry fee)

34 Opportunities to enter external competitions.

This next link is a very useful site - all members should take a look; there is a good competition opportunity too:

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